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Two Iain Banks Novels Make Top 10 Scottish Books

Iain Banks' books account for two of the top ten books Scottish novels of the last 50 years as voted by the public.

As part of Book Week Scotland 2013, The Scottish Books Trust conducted a poll to find the 10 Favourite Scottish Novels of the Last 50 Years. Members of the public were invited to visit the Book Week Scotland website to choose from a shortlist of 50 titles compiled by author and literary critic Stuart Kelly in collaboration with Scottish Book Trust. The shortlisted novels were carefully selected in an attempt to reflect the depth and breadth of the journey Scottish writing has taken over the last half century.

The Bridge by Iain Banks and Excession by Iain M Banks were both selected.

You can see the full shortlist on the Scottish Book Trust website.

The Player of Games Audio Shortlisted for Galaxy Award

The shortlists for the 2011 Galaxy Awards have been announced today, and The Player of Games, read by Peter Kenny, has been nominated for the Best Audiobook Award.

This year's awards will be announced on 4th November. In the meantime, The Player of Games is available as an audio download from, (for US-based listeners) and the iTunes store.

Banks for World Book Night

The Wasp Factory has made it onto the top 100 long-list for World Book Night.

If you're as keen as we are to see a Banks book on the final list of 25 that will be sent out to thousands of participating readers, you can do your bit to make that happen by creating an account on the website and then choosing The Wasp Factory as one of your favourite books.

Voting closes on the 31st of August, folks.

Use of Weapons tops 'Best Sci-Fi Films Never Made' poll

UK-based tech news website The Register has been running an online poll, asking it's readers to nominate the 'best sci-fi films never made'; books that have so far, somehow, been over-looked by Hollywood's movie moguls in favour of yet a.n.other sequel and / or re-hash.

And the winner, by a significant margin, was our very own Iain M. Banks' Use of Weapons.

The Register reports:

"The 50 candidates attracted a whopping 27,088 votes, with the winner securing 10,032. Runner-up was Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's The Mote In God's Eye, which was honoured with 7,099 votes. You can see the full results right here.

Worth noting that Consider Phlebas, Excession, The Player of Games and The Algebraist also featured, polling a few hundred votes between them. But it's clearly Use of Weapons that people want to see on the big screen.

Hollywood movie moguls, take note!

Transition is a 2010 Campbell Award Finalist

Iain [M] Banks' current novel, Transition, has been named as a finalist for the prestigious 2010 John W. Campbell Memorial Award.

From the announcement on the Awards website:

The Award will be presented during the Campbell Conference Awards Banquet at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, as the focal point of a weekend of discussions about the writing, illustration, publishing, teaching, and criticism of science fiction.

It looks like a particularly strong Finalists list this year, although of course we're all rooting for a Transition win.

Matter shortlisted for 2009 Prometheus Award

Iain's latest Culture novel, Matter - currently available in the UK, US and Australia in Orbit paperback - has been shortlisted for the 2009 Prometheus Award.

This award is given by the Libertarian Futurist Society in recognition of the best pro-freedom novel published during the previous year.

The award will be presented during Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, which takes place from August 6-10, 2009, in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Congratulations to Iain on his nomination!

Iain Banks named in Times list of '50 greatest postwar writers'

Iain Banks has been named alongside 49 other British literary luminaries in the (London) Times' list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

In their quick summary of Mr Banks' achievements to-date, they note:

"Although reviewers of Iain Banks

'The Steep Approach to Garbadale' short-listed for new Scottish fiction prize

The Clare Maclean prize for Scottish Fiction is a new award that will be announced by the organisers of Aye Write!, the Bank of Scotland Book Festival on March 15th.

The Steep Approach to Garbadale is one of six short-listed novels, all of which were first published in 2007, that have been nominated for the inaugural award. Fingers crossed!