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Quick reminder: Iain Banks interview in Interzone #214

Just a quick reminder for anyone who missed issue #214 of Interzone, the UK's longest-running original short science fiction magazine, this particular issue (January 2008) contains a lengthy feature interview with Iain, conducted by Paul Raven of Velcro City Tourist Board and

Iain tells Paul about the background and inspiration for the major themes in Matter, the conceptual basis of The Culture, and his brief flirtation with short fiction. Well worth tracking down a copy.

Iain Banks interviewed for The Guardian

The Guardian's Sarah Kinson has conducted a quick-fire interview with Iain, that's available to read at The Guardian Unlimited.

The topic of the interview is 'Why I Write', and Iain talks about his inspiration and motivation for living the writer's life, plus the joy of getting up and writing at 4 a.m. if that's when inspiration happens to strike: "Which is good because then I can finish my allocation of words for the day by breakfast and have the day off."

Iain Banks talks to John Naish for the Times Online

John Naish talks to Iain for the Life & Style section of The Times Online about his increasingly laid-back, green and low-octane approach to life. The opening paragraph reads:

"Iain Banks lifts a corduroy trouser leg to reveal a nasty-looking scar line just below his kneecap. It's the last physical mark of the best-selling author's rock'n'roll days as he renounces his decades of high-octane, health-shunning hedonism and embraces rather calmer ways of greener, cleaner living."

Read the full interview over at