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Leaving a message for Iain Banks

If you would like to leave a personal message for Iain, please feel free to sign his guestbook for friends and family:

Banksonian #19 Available Now

David H, the editor of the Banksonian Fanzine, has been in touch to let us know the newest issue is available to download from

This edition looks back at 2012 but also forward into 2013 and beyond. He talks about the covers makeover on backlist reissues of Iain Banks' (non M) titles and has a full publicity round up.

Issue #19 can be downloaded here. For a full list of back issues, please visit the efanzines website.

New Marain Alphabet font available to download

Daniel Solis (Art Director by day, Game Designer by night) posted a thread on the Iain Banks forum recently to let Banks fans know that he's created a new font based on Iain Banks' Marain alphabet.

The font can be downloaded from Daniel's website at

He's also posted a video about the creation of the font:

Banksoniain Issue #16 now available to download

Dave H has dropped us a line to say that the latest issue of his Banksoniain Fanzine is now ready to download and peruse at your leisure.

Dave says:

"This issue reports on 2010 up to the publication of Surface Detail tracing the development of the book. Iain's appearances during the year so far, including Eastercon, are also examined. The Iain Banks iPhone App is discussed as are Hungarian translations, and as Surface Detail is out next month there are more than the usual number of events in the Calendar. Media Scanner highlights the interesting press coverage Iain has received since the last issue. There is a smattering of film news and a few snippets about book after next."

Download Banksoniain #16 from

Banksoniain Fanzine issue #15 out now

David H, editor of the Banksoniain Fanzine has been in touch to let us know that the new issue is available now.

David tells us: "Banksoniain #15 looks back at 2009, the publication of Transition and Iain's appearances during the year, including his My Planet Rocks musical choices and interview. It also assess the 2008 theatre production of The Wasp Factory and talks to director Ed Robson. Looking forward there is news of his next book's working title, and some movement of the film front."

Download a pdf copy of Banksonian #15 from the Banksoniain website.

Banksoniain #14 available for download

The latest edition of the Banksoniain fanzine is now available to download from the Banksonian website.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Wasp Factory we revisit Banks's first published novel. The timeline of Paul Cornell's radio adaptation of The State of the Art is examined and the production is reviewed, along with a trip to Diziet Sma's Paris. We also look back on Banks appearances at Gateshead Library, Lincoln Book Festival and Newcon4, and a quick look at the geography of chapter 2 of Complicity, along with the usual chronicling of Banks's media coverage.

Iain Banks FAQ moves to Blogspot

Had a note in from Haddonsman this afternoon to say that he's re-located his near-legendary Iain Banks FAQ to, if everyone could update their links and bookmarks, please.

The new site also has an RSS Feed to help you keep up with updates and is sub-divided into easy-to-navigate sections. Plus, you can add your comments to any of the FAQs on show.

Quick update – a few Banks-esque links

First up, we've just added a couple of links to reviews of The Steep Approach to Garbadale to the reviews page.

Dave H sent us a link to a Guardian podcast of the recent discussion panel on The Wasp Factory that was chaired by John Mullan.

On the subject of The Wasp Factory, there's a lengthy analysis-piece over at a blog called The Anatomy Lesson, which probably deserves a few comments.

Readers might also be interested in visiting Jon's Soap Box, where you can read (and discuss) a comparison of the world-building techniques of Iain Banks and William Gibson.

And blogger Cobb ponders The Sybaritic Side of The Culture.

New issue of 'The Banksoniain' fanzine out now

Been meaning to mention for a while now that the new issue of regular Banks-fanzine The Banksoniain is available now to download from

The latest issue, #13 includes a round-up of Matter reviews, info on a new touring season for the stage adaptation of The Wasp Factory, write-ups of a couple of Iain's recent appearances, a list of his forthcoming appearances, and more. Go. Download. Read.

io9 says 'Welcome to The Culture'

To mark the release of Matter, science fiction mega-blog io9 has posted a handy, print-out-and-keep guide to the Culture, including a synopsis / mini-review of each Culture novel to-date, plus a link to an essay that Iain wrote back in 1994 to explain a few things about the Culture, that was originally posted to the rec.arts.sf.written newsgroup by Ken MacLeod.