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Iain M Banks on The Book Cafe

On Monday the 8th of October, Iain M Banks appeared on BBC's Book Cafe, discussing his newest book The Hydrogen Sonata.

You can listen to a clip from the show with Iain's interview on the BBC Radio website here.

Iain Banks on BBC Radio 6 Music

This Sunday, 27th of November, tune in at 12pm to hear Iain Banks on BBC Radio 6 Music as he takes listeners through an hour of music as part of the BBC 6 Paperback Writers programme.

More information can be found on the BBC Radio 6 website:

The Wasp Factory, BBC Radio 4 Bookclub, Sunday Nov 6th

The Banksoniain's David H informs us that:

"The Wasp Factory will be featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme Bookclub on Sunday November 6th (and repeated on the 10th). It was recorded in Edinburgh on Monday."

There's no scheduled programme information on the R4 Bookclub page just yet, so keep an eye out for confirmation nearer the time, or check the Bookclub iPlayer page after Nov 6th for online access.

Update: Scheduling Info as follows:

BBC Radio 4 Book Club with Jim Naughtie – 4pm on 06.11.11 and 4pm on 10.11.11 as well as Podcast on i-player.

See for more information.

Iain Banks on Channel 5's Gadget Show, 23 Sept 2011

Iain Banks will be appearing on The Gadget Show on Channel 5 on Friday 23rd September at 20:00.


"Season 16 Episode 6 sees Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley create their own interactive e-books, using digital technology to revamp two classic novels - Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Best-selling author Iain Banks judges the results of their task. Repeated on Saturday 24 at 04:30 and 10:50."

Many thanks as usual to The Banksoniain's David H for the heads-up.

Iain Banks on Desert Island Discs, August 1997

The BBC iPlayer archive has dug up Iain Banks' guest appearance on the Desert Island Discs show, from way back in August 1997.

Visit to hear presenter Sue Lawley quiz Iain on what he would have taken to his hypothetical desert island at the back end of the nineties...

[Thanks to David H of The Banksoniain for the heads-up]

Iain Banks on Sky Arts Book Show this Thursday

Iain will be one of Mariella Frostrup's guests (along with Bernard Cornwell and Michelle Paver) on the The Book Show, which will be broadcast at 19.00 on Thursday November 11th on Sky Arts 1.

The show will be repeated on Friday 12th at 08.00 and 16.00 on Sky Arts 1, as well as at 17.15 on Friday 12th, 11.15 on Saturday 13th and three times on Thursday 16th, so plenty of opportunities to tune in or to set your Sky+ boxes to record.

Here's a short taster clip from the interview, via

[Thanks to David H of The Banksonian for the heads-up!]

Iain Banks talks to Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live

Iain was a guest on BBC Radio 5 Live's Richard Bacon show on Monday October 18th (along with Ross Kemp).

You can listen to the whole show until October 25th via the BBC iPlayer (visit the link above and look for the 'Listen Now' link) and the BBC have also extracted the following highlight from the show (Iain talking about his position on evangelical atheism) which is also available on YouTube.

[Heads-up thanks to David H of The Banksonian and huge thanks also to Guy Oldfield of BBC Radio 5 Live for sending through the vid clip]

Iain [M] Banks talks to Janice Forsyth

Iain was a guest on Janice Forsyth's show on BBC Radio Scotland on Saturday October 2nd, along with actor and musician Tim Robbins. The interview with Iain kicks in round about 15:50 or so and ranges over a variety of topics, with plenty of background info on the new Culture novel Surface Detail.

The show is available to listen to until October 7th via the BBC website.

[Many thanks to David H of The Banksonian for the heads-up!]

Iain Banks on BBC Radio Scotland's Stark Talk, 19.05.10

Iain Banks will be the special guest of BBC Radio Scotland's Edi Stark as she talks to Iain at his home in Fife for her regular Stark Talk series.

The show will be broadcast next Wednesday, 19th May, at 11.30 GMT BST and repeated the following Sunday at 10.30 BST. More info at the BBC Radio Scotland website. The show should also be available post-broadcast, via the BBC's iPlayer service.

Thanks to David H of The Banksoniain for the heads-up.

'A Gift From the Culture' Set for the Big Screen?

Last week's big Banks buzz (which broke while I was away on holiday, hence the late posting here - apologies for that to everyone who came looking for a timely update and didn't find one...) is about the prospect of a film adaptation of the short story 'A Gift From the Culture', which was first published in issue #20 of Interzone, the UK's longest-running science fiction magazine, and is more readily available in the Iain M collection The State of the Art.

Various websites carry versions of the news:, and included. At the moment there really isn't anything to add to those announcements. I'll certainly try to post fresh updates as and when they become available (hopefully with a little more alacrity...) and in the meantime, do feel free to join in the discussion of the project over at the Iain Banks Fan Forum (you'll need to be a forum member in order to post replies to the thread).

Newsflash: Iain Banks on Simon Mayo, BBC R5 Live, today

Iain Banks will be a guest on the Simon Mayo show on BBC Radio 5 Live, today, Monday 14th September, at 13.00 hours.

That is all.

Thanks yet again to Dave H of the Banksoniain for the heads-up!

Iain Banks talking to Cerys Matthews, Tuesday Sept 15th

Iain Banks will be a guest on BBC Radio 6's Cerys on 6, next Tuesday, September 15th, from 13.00. He'll be talking to presenter Cerys Matthews about his new novel Transition.

More info at the BBC Radio 6 website.

Thanks to Dave H of The Banksoniain for the heads-up!

The Crow Road showing again on BBC4

The BBC adaptation of The Crow Road will be broadcast again over the next few weeks.

Episode I will be shown tonight, Wednesday, 9th September 2009, at 22:00 and will be repeated on Sunday 13th at 23:50.

More details on the series website at

Update: Sorry folks, doesn't look like the series will be available via the BBC iPlayer.

Iain Banks guesting on STV's The Hour, Tues 8th Sept

Iain Banks will be a guest on ITV1 Scotland's 'The Hour' programme at 17.00 on Tuesday September 8th.

Not entirely sure if the programme will be available to viewers outside Scotland at the time of broadcast, but you should be able to view the show online via STV's catch-up player once the show has gone out.

Thanks to DaveH of The Banksoniain for the heads-up!

Update 09.09 STV's Andrew Coyle has been in touch to let us know that the footage of Ian's appearance on the Hour has been posted at Cheers Andrew!

Iain Banks talks to Muriel Gray

Iain Banks was a guest on Muriel Gray's Open Book programme on BBC Radio 4 recently where they discussed Iain's cross-genre tendencies and the conspicuous lack of a Booker nomination during Iain's long and illustrious career.

The show is currently available to listen to via the the BBC website / iPlayer console.

Check out the end of the segment for a quick mention of Iain's plans for his next book...

Iain Banks on BBC Radio Scotland, 13th August

BBC Radio Scotland's Radio Cafe programme provides coverage of the Edinburgh Festivals, including conversation with guests and performers. They recently announced via their Twitter feed (@TheFestivalCafe) that Iain Banks will be on the show next Thursday, August 13th.

You can find out more about the programme at and can book free tickets for the recording via

[Thanks to Dave H of The Banksoniain for the heads-up]

Iain Banks on BBC Radio Scotland – Listen Again until August 1st

Iain Banks was the special guest on Shereen Nanjiani's current events talk show on BBC Radio Scotland yesterday evening.

If you missed the show, you can listen again via the BBC website until Saturday August 1st.

Iain Banks taking part in 'Ursula Le Guin at 80' radio tribute

Iain Banks will be contributing to a BBC Radio 4 tribute to veteran science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. LeGuin, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 17th at 11.30 a.m.

Here's the info from the BBC Radio4 website:

Writer China Miéville talks to American science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin.

Le Guin was a trailblazer - writing in the 1960s, her series of books about the adventures of a boy wizard, Ged, included characters of every race and colour. Her fiction has been acutely concerned with politics, portraying worlds destroyed by environmental catastrophe that prefigured modern concerns about global warming, and societies without gender just as modern-day feminism began to take off.

Featuring contributions and tributes from Iain Banks and Margaret Atwood.

[Thanks to The Banksoniain's David H for the heads-up]

State of the Art radio adaptation news

Via DaveH we've learned that Ian Whates, one of the organisers of this month's Newcon4 convention - at which Iain will be a Guest of Honour - has posted the following news about Paul Cornell's radio adaptation of Ian's short story 'The State of the Art', at the SFF Chronicles forum.

"Paul Cornell's radio adaptation of Iain Banks' novel The State of the Art will be aired on the 6th March 2009 on Radio 4...

"Of course, anyone impatient for a preview would have to come along to NewCon 4. We've obtained permission to play exclusive clips from the show, 6 months ahead of its broadcast; said clips to then be discussed by the author and adaptor ('adaptor' as in Paul, rather than any electronic gizmo!)."

And there's more information on State of the Art's place in the forthcoming BBC Radio science fiction season, over at

Iain Banks on Radio 4 next week

Via Dave H of The Banksoniain fanzine, we hear that Iain is listed as a contributor to the programme 'The Disappearing Art of the Mix Tape', which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11:30 next Thursday, July 17th.

The blurb says: "Broadcaster and journalist David Quantick celebrates the home-produced compilation cassette, a disappearing art form in an age when music can be readily downloaded. Contributors include novelist Iain Banks and poet Simon Armitage."

More information from