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One from the Archives: Iain [M] Banks' Write Place

Originally posted to YouTube (and presumably broadcast) back in March 2008, in this clip from Sky Arts' 'The Book Show', Iain Banks introduces us to his inner sanctum: the eclectic study wherein all that writerly magic takes place...

[Many thanks to Gary W for the heads-up]

'State of the Art' radio-play – casting news

Last week on his blog, Paul Cornell reported that no less a British stage luminary than Anthony Sher KBE will be playing the voice of the GCU Arbitrary in the forthcoming BBC4 radio adaptation of 'State of the Art', which Paul has scripted and Iain Banks is reportedly very pleased with indeed.

More news as Paul reveals it...

[Thanks to Dave H of 'The Banksoniain' for the heads-up]

Paul Cornell to adapt 'State of the Art' for BBC Radio 4

Over on his LiveJournal, science fiction writer Paul Cornell has announced that he has been commissioned to adapt the Iain Banks novella 'State of the Art' into a play for broadcast on BBC Radio 4 later this year.

Paul, who is best known for his work as a writer for Doctor Who and also writes novels and comics, said of the project:

"My producer is the wonderful Nadia Molinari, and we're looking to keep all the SF goodness of the original. I'm enjoying how serious and thoughtful the brief is. The story is about Banks' spaceborne utopian civilisation, the Culture, encountering Earth. Some interesting casting of a Ship voice ahead, I should think, and who should be Diziet Sma? I'm anticipating the process hugely."

Further details as they become apparent...