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Iain Banks interviewed and ‘Matter’ reviewed for Time Magazine Online

Lev Grossman has posted a review of Matter over at www.Time.com as well as an interview with Iain, which you can find over at his and Matt Selman’s Time.com hosted Nerd World blog.

In the interview, Iain reveals the secret of his amazing ability to transcribe fluent technobabble almost as if he were making it all up:

“I suspect it’s just the right balance of wide-eyed, totally fascinated enthusiasm for ‘real’ tech speak along with a healthy dose of cynicism regarding how easy it is to make up such stuff without really having any idea what in the hell you’re talking about. I am happy to report I have both, in spades.”

Read the full interview at time-blog.com/nerd_world and thanks again to Alex for the heads-up.