Iain M Banks


The Bridge

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About the book:

The Bridge book coverThe man who wakes up in the extraordinary world of a bridge has amnesia, and his doctor doesn't seem to want to cure him. Does it matter? Exploring the bridge occupies most of his days. But at night there are his dreams. Dreams in which desperate men drive sealed carriages across barren mountains to a bizarre rendezvous; an illiterate barbarian storms an enchanted tower under a stream of verbal abuse; and broken men walk forever over bridges without end, taunted by visions of a doomed sexuality.

Lying in bed unconscious after an accident wouldn't be much fun, you'd think. Oh yes? It depends who and what you've left behind.

Which is the stranger reality, day or night?


  • 'Represents significant progress in the flowering of an exceptional talent ... a totally absorbing read.' The Times
  • 'Iain Banks of The Wasp Factory eclipses that sensational debut ... a real dazzler.' Daily Mail

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