Iain M Banks


The Player of Games

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World Book Night 2012 Title

About the book:

The Player of Games book cover The Culture - a human / machine symbiotic society - has thrown up many great Game Players, and one of the greatest is Gurgeh. Jernau Morat Gurgeh. The Player of Games. Master of every board, computer and strategy.

Bored with success, Gurgeh travels to the Empire of Azad, cruel and incredibly wealthy, to try their fabulous game ... a game so complex, so like life itself, that the winner becomes emperor. Mocked, blackmailed, almost murdered, Gurgeh accepts the game, and with it the challenge of his life - and very possibly his death.


  • 'Few of us have been exposed to a talent so manifest and of such extraordinary breadth.' The New York Review of Science Fiction
  • 'Poetic, humorous, baffling, terrifying, sexy - the books of Iain M. Banks are all these things and more.' NME

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